Complete Home Theatre Systems

There is nothing more enjoyable than the big screen combined with that big sound to fully immerse you in the moment.

We bring you the latest and greatest components and have carefully created, what we believe, to be the best value home theatre packages ever made available! From the family or rumpus room to the dedicated bat cave, we have the knowledge and expertise combined with personal one on one service and offer you outstanding value for money.

Nothing compares to the big screen, for blockbuster movies, sporting events and gaming, a big screen is unbeatable.

Watch Foxtel, Blu ray movies, Austar, TV and play Nintendo, Xbox or Playstation through your projection system, you'll never go back to tv again! 

Brands we stand by:

Krix Loudspeakers. Jamo Loudspeakers. SVS speakers and award winning subwoofers.

Integra, Onkyo and Marantz recievers for that premium sound.

Emotiva power amps from the USA and Elektra power amps from Melbourne!

Sony 4K Projectors, JVC Dila Projectors including 3D and E-shift 4K resolutions for that unbeatable immersion level and stellar contrast levels.

Crystalmorphic Cylindrical lenses and the Slidamorphic lens slide. Both Aussie made!

Our own brand of Majestic fixed screens - There is nothing on the market quite like our premium screens.

Peerless Projector mount for the most secure projector placement.

Contact us on 0402 424 177 or send through your room details to

The Grand Cinema Series 1 Package is now available. Call for more details 0402 424 177 to go over room sizing, screen sizing, speaker placement etc.


Minimum quantity for "JVC DLA-X7900 - KRIX SX - MARANTZ 7011 - EMOTIVA - Complete Cinema Package" is 1.

This package now includes the new for 2017, Sony 550ES projector in place of the 520ES. The Grand Cinema Series 2 Package is now available. Call...


Minimum quantity for "Sony VPL-VW550ES 4K - KRIX SX - MARANTZ 7011 - EMOTIVA - Complete Cinema Package" is 1.