Evo Ultra Grey 4K Screen Vinyl




NEW Evo Grey4K- 0.9 gain - 300 microns thick - 2.4 metre width - optically coated - dead smooth.
Our brand new grey front projection material. Evo Grey4K was designed for the new batch of ultra Hi Definition projectors including resolutions of up to 8K and beyond. Perfectly suited for use in media and cinema rooms, conference rooms and any rooms where ambient light is present.

Evo Grey4K is an optically coated neutral grey vinyl that increases contrast, black levels, shadow detail and colour saturation in rooms with ambient light in comparison to a white screen material in the same type of environment.

Evo Grey4K has a 0.9 gain for excellent performance in environments with some ambient light. An Ultra smooth viewing surface for extremely high focusing from your projector.

Each of our DIY screen vinyls comes with a drop sheet and the material is carefully rolled around a 25mm rigid PVC pipe which is encased in a complete screen box with foam inserts for safe transit anywhere in Australia.



TIPS: Allow 15-25cm over hang to allow wrap around onto your frame. It's best to have a little more than you need rather than end up short.

Use the drop sheet and try to attach material on a soft floor, carpet is ideal. Lay the drop sheet out, lay the screen material out, it will roll out upside down, then lay your frame on top and attach as per your own methods.