Welcome to Projector Screens.com.au, the factory direct online store of Oz Theatre Screens, Australia's only factory direct cinema screen manufacturer. For further technical info relating to our Majestic screens please click here. We are an Australian Manufacturer Of State-Of-The-Art Dedicated Fixed Frame Cinema Screens. Since 2002 we have been manufacturing our top of the line Majestic Screens with our range of high performance exotic projection foils. Our screens are designed for all types of projection applications including ultra high resolutions of 4K and beyond.
The two main screen format options we use today in Home Theatre are 16:9 and 21:9, also referred to as HDTV and Cinemascope, also known as 1.78:1 and 2.35 or 2.40:1, these are their length to height ratios. All home theatre projectors are native 16:9, however there are some projectors that can store in their remotes, a zoomed 16:9 image whereby the black bars are zoomed or pushed out off the top and bottom of screen so 2.35 and 2.40:1 movies can be viewed on Cinemascope screens without the black bars in the picture - how it's done at the cinema! The active image of the 2.35 movie is displayed and fills the entire cinemascope screen. The other way of doing this is by using an anamorphic lens like the Crystalmorphic 5E lens.

Not sure which format is right for you? Not sure what screen material to use? Not sure where the projector should be mounted or where you should be seated? Call us on (07) 5546 1960 and we'll you put on the right track!

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News & Updates

March 2016:
Sony VPL-VW300ES Native 4K Cinema Projector runout sale. $7995 down from $11,499
with a BONUS PS4 console - Limited Stock - Call to inquire - No rainchecks!

Feb 2016: Congratulations Krix Loudspeakers.
Taking out the custom home theatre product of the
year with their new SX series loudspeakers! We just took delivery of these speakers last month to put
in our new showroom. The review is here

Feb 2016:
Welcome aboard SVS, Emotiva and Marantz. We are now authorised resellers of these well respected
brands in the world of AV. Keep and eye out for some amazing new complete packages coming soon!

Feb 2016: The all new Krix Series SX Speakers - Fanatix, Megaphonix, Cyclonix subwoofer and Phonix flats are 
going into our new showroom soon! This will be a fantastic Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 in a 7.7 x 5.5 metre room showcasing
the new Marantz 7010 reciever, Emotiva XPA-5 power amp. We may even have an SVS PB13 Ultra in the same room!
Visually we'll have the Sony 520ES 4K projector and the JVC Dila X7000 on a 180 inch Majestic Evo4K scope screen!

January 2016:
All new projector lineups from both JVC and Sony has everyone talking scope screens,
4K, E-shift and HDR.

Stellar new 2016 models from JVC, the X5000, X7000 and X9000 series are shipping now.

Some fantastic upgrades on these new models including new lamp, new HDMI board, better motion handling, 30-46%
increase in brightness, world leading native contast (X9000) and improved 3D to name but a few. With t
he current
expansion of 4K streaming and the next generation Blu-ray soon to be released,
JVC has incorporated the latest
HDMI/HDCP2.2 standard. Both HDMI inputs will be compatible
so two 4K copy protection products can be connected
directly. These latest HDMI inputs will
be capable of handling data transfer rate up to 18Gbps, which can deliver full
spec native
4K signals such as 4K60p 4:4:4, 4K60p 4:2:2/36bit and 4K24p 4:4:4/36bit. This will mean a greater
improvement in colour tone and gradation.

We are a genuine JVC Kenwood dealer. Contact us 07 5546 1960 for the best advice and pricing!

New True 4K Projectors from Sony out now also.
The 520ES replaces the breathtaking 500ES and the 320ES replaces the 300ES. The 520ES has the required lens
memory feature to store zoomed 2.35 movies in the remote. The 300ES whilst having motorised zoom, lens shift and
focus, lacks the feature to store zoomed settings. It can still be done, it would however need to be done each time
you switch between formats, eg, switching between TV and a blockbuster movie. The 300ES is more suited to 16:9
format screens where the 520 and 1100ES models better suited to cinemascope screens.

The extremely popular Sony VPL-VW40ES stays on for 2016 whilst the VW55ES gets replaced with the VW65ES.
We are a genuine Pro Sony Australia dealer. Contact us for the best pre and post sales service and pricing!

New packages being uploaded over the next week too. Stay tuned for some sensational new packages.

4K Ultra HD Blu Rays now shipping. That didn't take too long now did it? Players rolling out now also.
January 2016: Another Aussie First! The Slidamorphic motorised anamorphic lens slide is now shipping. The all new 
Australian designed and made Slidamorphic has been meticulously designed and engineered for the ultimate in
extreme precision and reliability. It's simple design and minimal moving parts ensures unrivalled performance in the
world of high end optical positioning mechanics.
Click here to view more. Dealer inquiries welcome!
Groundbreaking design - Australian designed and made. RRP $2499.