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SOLD! 23.9.15 Sony 500ES 4K Cinema Projector Ex-demo for sale. $9,000 with any size Majestic Evo4K Screen up to 140 inches in size in either format! RRP on this stunning 4K projector is $16,000! Comes with box, books, remote etc.
Warranty until 25th March 2017. Only upgrading as we have to have new models on display!
Now $8500 delivered!
SOLD! JVC X500 in black -  Ex demo with under 500hrs $3500 delivered with 18 months left on warranty! With box, books, remote etc. Warranty until 21st March 2017.
Integra 50.4 ex demo 3 years on warranty left, excellent condition with box, remote, books etc $900.
6.9.15 - JVC and Sony showcase some new projectors for 2016 at the IFA show in Berlin Germany.
JVC have 3 new models coming to replace the current ones which have been out now for 2 years.
The JVC X5000 JVC X7000 and JVC X9000 are the new models coming. Still using E-shift but higher brightness at 1700 for the new entry level X5000 and 1800 lumens for the X7000 and X9000, but with HDMI 2.0 and 4.4.4 bandwidth, so it can accept all the latest native 4k signals from various sources.
Sony have 2 or 3 new native 4K models coming plus a replacment for the 55EW, the VPL-HW65ES or VPL-HW65.
SONY VPL-VW320 or VPL-VW320ES will replace the 300ES model and The SONY VPL-VW520 or VW-520ES will be the replacement for the VW500ES.These will not be available until the end of the year and models numbers may change for the Australian market.
10.8.15 - New phone number 07 5546 1960. Old number was meant to be diverted but was disconnected by accident. In the process of getting this line reconnected and diverted to new number.
23.7.15 Ex demo Krix Neuphonix floorstanders, Epicentrix centre channel, Dynamix surrounds (1 pair) and 1 Volcanix subwoofer are up for grabs. Mint condition. 44 months left on warranty. In black ash (real timber veneer). RRP for these is $10,130.

Neuphonix in black ash RRP $3995

Epicentrix in black ash RRP $2295

Dynamix pair in black ash $1145 pair

Volcanix in black ash $2695 ........... Asking $5990 for the lot. That's 41% off the new pricing!

22.7.15 We're on the move! We are expanding again, closing down for about 2 weeks on the 3rd August and hope to be back up and running at our new larger site about 2 weeks from the 3rd. ALL screen orders MUST be placed by the 28th July so ensure production and dispatch first week of August. Any orders after this date will not be actioned until we are back up and running again 2nd week August.
3.2.15 For all Majestic screens in all formats - Get another 10% off our amazing prices with a simple referal from a current Majestic Screen owner! Call to get your discount processed. Online prices do not include discount.
Sony 40ES, Sony 500ES 4K and JVC X500 now on display in Qld showroom!

Back in stock! Darbee DVP-5000 now only $329 delivered! BEST price in Australia! FREE DELIVERY!

The best image processor in the World is available at right here at PJS. The DarbeeVision Darblet Makes Your Viewing Experience Better! The Darblet adds intense depth and clarity to any video -- enabling ultra-immersive visuals. As a video processor module in a small housing, the Darblet simply plugs into any HDMI media device and will enhance the output of any video stream, like DVD, Blu-ray, smart phone, and media players and any digital broadcast -- on standard, high-definition, and 4K TVs.
The all new Sony VPL-VW300ES 4K Cinema Projector package is now shipping. From only $9877 with a flagship 4K Cinema Screen - The legendary Majestic Evo4K screen. Top of the line Peerless Universal geared projector mount. Fully Delivered with full Australian warranty.
Reviews are coming in: AV forums give it a 9/10 | Trusted Reviews 10/10 | Cine4home findings
Projection calculator here - don't pay too much attention to image brightness as the calculators are not setup for best picture mode. Use a guide only for throw distances.
The amazing new Sony 300ES 4K Cinema projector and Majestic Screen and Peerless mount package is now available from only $9,877, save over $3000!Quartz panels (Liquid Crystal on Quartz, that’s right, Epson’s using quartz, not silicon.   - See more at: http://www.projectorreviews.com/pr_blog/epson-ups-their-home-theater-projector-game-with-new-ls10000/#sthash.Q6TWomYr.dpuf
Quartz panels (Liquid Crystal on Quartz, that’s right, Epson’s using quartz, not silicon.   - See more at: http://www.projectorreviews.com/pr_blog/epson-ups-their-home-theater-projector-game-with-new-ls10000/#sthash.Q6TWomYr.dpuf
Quartz panels (Liquid Crystal on Quartz, that’s right, Epson’s using quartz, not silicon.   - See more at: http://www.projectorreviews.com/pr_blog/epson-ups-their-home-theater-projector-game-with-new-ls10000/#sthash.Q6TWomYr.dpuf
The new Sony VPL-VW300ES 4K Cinema Projector! RRP $11,999. Call for pricing. We are a genuine Sony dealer and partner!
The All new Sony VPL-HW40ES Projector is now shipping. This is a super bright living room projector with great post calibration brightness. The 55ES has the dynamic iris and was designed for dedicated cinema rooms.

RRP $3,690 - CALL FOR BEST PRICE. Genuine stockist and the best pricing in Australia! 3 year Sony Australia warranty!

This is the best value for money projector under $3800 with the 55ES being the value under $5,000

Reviews are glowing to say the least hdtvtest.co.uk | Projector Central review | Trusted Reviews | AV Forums UK

"There is simply nothing else to currently compete with the HW40 in the £1,500-2,000 price bracket and you really have to wonder how Sony can be making any money. However if you're in the market for a new projector, the VPL-HW40ES has to be on your short list because, quite frankly, it's a steal!"

18.3.14 - The all new Sony VW500ES 4K Projector is now on display in our Gold Coast showroom.
Book if you want to see this amazing 4K Cinema Projector in all it's glory. RRP $13,999. Click here for our sensational promo!

11.2.14 - We have the all new JVC X500 with the CrystalMorphic 4K Anamorphic Lens on a 165 inch Majestic Scope screen with Evo Ultra4K material on display in our Gold Coast showroom. At a 3.8 metre viewing distance - Absolutely staggering is a term that comes to mind!
1.2.14 - 2014 JVC Models now here. DLA-X900, DLA-X700 and DLA-X500.
We now offer a complete door to door freight service into New Zealand for screens and associated products. Contact us for a quote!
Special pricing for AV forum members! Become a member and get even sharper pricing on our range of Majestic screens! The Majestic Screen is the most popular screen amongst DTV forum members. Join the 90,000+ members to talk home theatre, audio, theatre construction, blu ray and more!

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Our brand new front projection material. Evo Ultra4K is the ultimate in matte white projection foils. Designed for the new batch of ultra Hi Definition projectors including resolutions of up to 8K and beyond. 

Evo Ultra 4K yields accurate spectral response and white field uniformity standards with a 1.26 gain for bright colour rich images, a black backing to prevent light leakage and an Ultra smooth viewing surface for extremely high focusing from your projector. Evo Ultra 4K the finest front projection film we have ever created. Specs over at our main screen site www.ozts.com.au
Another brand new front projection material is also available for environments where ambient light is present, Evo Ultra Grey4K.

Silver Cinema Series HDMI cable SALE NOW ON! - 5% Silver Plated Copper Cores.

For all 1080P monitors including 3D!

1 metre was $74 now $24.95

2 metre was $99 now $34.95

5 metre was $129 now $45.95

10 metre was $149 now $68.95

All pricing includes free express post!