DIY Screen Fabric

Back at long last! For those of you building your own screen, we offer you our best projection vinyls.
Our vinyls are available in 50cm increments from 2.5 metres in length.

Evo Ultra 4K: 1.26 gain, front projection, spool width 2.1 metres.
Evo Ultra grey 4K: .95 gain, front projection, spool width 2.4 metres.
Optema Rear Projection: spool width 2.4 metres.
Call for Acoustic Vision 4K: spool 2.5 metres (for larger screens from 170 inch and above call as 3.1 metre spool is required)

     NEW The 4th generation of Evolution3D is now available, now called Evo Ultra 4K. Evo Ultra 4K yields accurate...

Minimum quantity for "Evo Ultra4K Screen Vinyl" is 1.

Optema Rear Projection 1.5 gain - 2.4 metre width - 300 microns thick - dead smooth for precise pixel placement - Suits 1080P and beyond - for all LCD,...

Minimum quantity for "Optema Rear Projection Vinyl" is 1.

NEW Evo Grey4K- 0.9 gain - 300 microns thick - 2.4 metre width - optically coated - dead smooth. Our brand new grey front projection material. Evo...