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Strong Universal Fine Adjust Projector Mount | 23kg Weight Capacity (Black or white) for JVC, Epson, BenQ, Sony

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Equipped with longer mounting arms and security screw holes, these projector mounts are specifically designed to handle oversized models up to 50 lbs., including JVC X series and new N series 4K Projectors, while offering maximum installation flexibility. They feature tool-less adjustments - so getting the ideal alignment is a breeze - and have a simple three-piece design that minimizes time spent at the top of the ladder. Also included is a plastic cover to keep the install looking neat and tidy.

Also comes in white!



Tool-Less Adjustments

Getting a projector image to perfectly align with a screen is easier said than done. Thankfully this mount simplifies the process with easy-to-use vertical tilt, horizontal roll and yaw adjustments. Just pop off the cover and use the tool-less dials to make micro adjustments until the ideal alignment is achieved - no tightening or loosening of the screws required.

Easy To Install

A smart three-piece design makes it easy to get this projector securely installed. The top plate attaches to the ceiling and screws into the mount assembly body, while the bottom plate (with attached projector) simply slides and locks into place. It makes installing the product fast and easy.


Security Screws

This mount features multiple security screws for projector attachment, as well as screws on each side of the mounting base - which all help to lock things in place. Move the mount around until you get the perfect center of gravity for the projector, then tighten down the screws and you’re good to go!

Mounting Flexibility

For the most versatility in your next installation, this projector mount features longer arms that extend for up to 17.7” diameter mounting. Plus it has a series of slots on the arms and the bottom plate that provide almost limitless placement options, so it’s easy to get the projector perfectly positioned. Need to install directly in concrete or ceiling drywall? Not a problem – just use the included hardware.

Extension Capability

If you want to drop the projector off the ceiling with an extension pole, we've included a separate ceiling plate to allow for easy connection to the pipe. Also included is a plastic cover to keep the install looking neat and tidy.