4K Projectors

My advice: Do not get caught up in 'native 4k' and more pixels are better. This is a huge mistake.

Unless the projector has the optics to represent the 'native 4k panels' then you do not have a native 4k image, only blur.

A good 2K projector with a decent lens will out perform ANY 4K projector with an average lens. Fact.

You will notice there is a limited about of 4K projectors on our site these days. This is because native 4K has been a disaster worldwide. All fine if you're not looking and just happy to have a 'native 4K' projector. But there is much more to image fidelity than the amount of pixels on the screen. This is something the retailers won't tell you. 

JVC's new DLA-N7 is a high quality native 4K home theater projector that features new, 0.69 inch D-ILA devices coupled with a 17-element, 15-group all...


Minimum quantity for "JVC DLA-N7 4K REFERENCE SERIES 4K D-ILA PROJECTOR RS2000" is 1.

Our price $6980 projector only - limited stock in black. No white on order.    The new DLA-N5 makes affordable, high quality native 4K home...


Minimum quantity for "JVC DLA-N5 4K REFERENCE SERIES 4K D-ILA PROJECTOR RS1000" is 1.

The DLA-NX9 is the world's first 8K e-shift home theater projector and is capable of 8192 x 4320 image resolution. This premium, custom install...


New 2019/2020 Model. Available now. Call us on 07 5546 1960 or 0402 424 177 for more info and best price! See our 270ES and Majestic Screen package also....


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Special order only. Yes these are still being produced! Call for pricing and to discuss. Oz Theatre Screens, Australia's leading 4K Cinema Projector and...


The all new 2020 Epson EH-TW9400 Home Theater Projector. Book in for a demo of this amazing projector! Call direct 0402 424 177 to organise a demo....


Minimum quantity for "Epson EH-TW9400 4K Enhancement Home Theater Projector" is 1.